Frequently Asked Questions

How did you get started?

In March of 2007, we had the idea to write to our state legislators about the issue of puppy mills. We never knew it would lead to a state law and an ongoing project! To read our whole story, please click here.

Is Project Puppy Mills an organization?
No, we are not an organization. We think of ourselves as animal activists and as we transition to working on other animal issues as well as puppy mills, we are making changes to our website as mainly a tool for education purposes and outreach.

Do you accept donations?
Again, because we do not have 501(c)3 status, we cannot accept donations as a non-profit organization. We suggest that if you would like to help fight puppy mills with a monetary contirbution to consider making a donation to the HSUS, ASPCA, or your local shelter or animal welfare organization.

How do I become a member? What benefits do members get?
You can easily become a member of the Project Puppy Mills website by visiting the Register page (to sign up, click here.) Members will recieve occasional email updates and action alerts from our site. "Like" our page on Facebook to recieve updates through your News Feed.

What are your goals for the future?
Project Puppy Mills is excited to be part of the growing movement to end puppy mills in the United States. Right now, as an independent project, our focus is educating the public by making presentations, circulating brochures, and using our website. Our long-term goal is to work with other organizations to get federal legislation passed.

Where are you located?
We live in Seattle, Washington and we have worked to get legislation passed in Washington State.

Do you work on any other animal issues?
Our main focus is puppy mills, but we love all animals, and we are members of the HSUS HumaneTeen Youth Advisory Board. Through this, we have been supporting efforts to end other cruelty towards animals. Sometimes we do small fundraisers for the local shelter, and we are both conscious about how our food choices and actions can help make a difference for other animals.

Are you affiliated with the Humane Society of the United States, PETA, or any other animal welfare organization?
No, we are an independent project, but we do highly support the work of these organizations. You'll notice that throughout the site we have links and references to the HSUS Stop Puppy Mills website and several other sites. Our project website includes only a fraction of the information provided by these great organizations to accompany the details of our efforts, so please click on those links to learn more about puppy mills and other animal issues. We love these groups and what they do!

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